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Mies Status

Mies is currently available as a production-quality beta (Mies beta 1.0). Tool support is in the form of a graphical editor implemented within Frameworx' Swing-based Alvar editor framework. Java code can be written directly within this editor.

Mies Roadmap

March 2004
  • Support for JNDI look-ups to located JDBC data sources
    Currently, Mies obtains JDBC data source connections directly from JMX Beans provided by the Louis component. This dependency will be removed.

June 2004
  • Native Eclipse editor
    The Alvar/Swing-based editor will be replaced with an Eclipse-based editor providing required functionality

  • Use of native types to represent the state of Mies artifacts (Business Data Objects)
    Mies currently uses and XML DOM structure to represent the state of BDOs.

  • Migration to XDoclet
    Metadata corresponding to Business Data Objects will be expressed in terms of XDoclet tags, rather than separate XML documents.

December 2004
  • Enhanced Web services support
    Support for Web services as true J2EE data source

  • Enhanced JCA support
    Support for declarative specification of JCA-based data transfers